Chef Myron's Ponzu Sauce

Ponzu Sauce - 10 oz. Bottle
Ponzu Sauce - 10 oz. Bottle
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This clean flavored sauce is favored in Japan as a dipping and dressing sauce for vegetables, fried foods, noodles, and dumplings. Chef Myronís Ponzu is a sesame-lime-ginger vinaigrette, nice as a dressing for fresh or cooked greens, and for Asian-style noodle dishes. Ponzu is a great alternative to butter, tartar sauce or cocktail sauce for dipping, lobster, scallops, shrimp, or other seafood.

Flavor: Lightly piquant. Soy, vinegar, and lime juice contrast with nutty sesame aromatics.

Applications: Perfect dressing or dip for vegetables (raw or tempura), fried foods, noodles, rice, and Asian style dumplings. Great finish for stir frying. Note: sesame oil will lose its perfume under high heat.

Ingredients: Naturally brewed soy sauce, sake (rice wine), evaporated cane juice, honey, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, rice wine vinegar, roast sesame oil, lime juice, and Chef Myron's select spices.

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